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Double Wall Corrugated pipe is mainly use for water drainage system. It is fully computer controlled line. For PE & PP, you can choose high efficient single or double screw extruder. Forming system consists of mould & corrugator. Mould block can be easily change and they have air or water cooling system.

Application of Use: Small Corrugated pipe are used for cable protection, water collection and ventilation system. Suitable for single & double layer corrugated pipe production.

Advantages of DWC Pipes Application of DWC Pipes
Cost Effective. Sewerage / Storm Water Drainage.
Raw Material Saving. Earthquake prone areas with high tectonic movement.
Great Flexibility. Road / highway cross drainage.
Smooth inner wall, hence minimum friction loss. Rainwater Harvesting and ground water recharge.
Economical & Designed to serve for 50 Years. Used as the main duct in sub duct network design.
Different colours of DWC pipes can be used for cable identification Protection of ducts / cables across rivers disused canals etc.
JJ/200/DWC 50-200 300 5.0 200
JJ/300/DWC 100 – 300 650 6.5 400
JJ/500/DWC 150 – 500 1200 6.5 580
JJ/1000/DWC 200 – 1000 1300 3.5 610